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About Us

Thanks for choosing RT MedMobile!

We want to be your Reliable and Trustworthy source for your medical equipment needs. We love to help people live their best life as independently as possible. With so many options, we know that choosing the right products can be difficult. If you are not sure what is right for you, please give our reliable and trustworthy representatives a call – we love to help! Thank you!

How We Started

Owner’s story

Hi, my name is Bruce Lee, and I have been serving the senior community for many years both in business and as a volunteer. I started RT MedMobile because I am passionate that people should be able to live their best lives regardless of any challenges they may face due to their health or mobility. Our company seeks to provide quality equipment in a way that enhances how people live. We put RT in our name to help us remember that we want to be reliable and trustworthy with every person we work with. We want you to have a great experience when working with us because we believe how you live matters!